My research group provides an opportunity for undergraduates interested in hands-on learning regarding systematic experimental social science research.  This experience has proven valuable both for students hoping to pursue careers in the sciences and for those who plan to go on to professional schools or join the workforce directly. FessLab (so named by the students) is structured as a hands-on apprenticeship — newbies begin with simple tasks, then gain additional responsibilities as they demonstrate their skills and potential.  Those who make highly significant contributions earn co-authorship on resulting publications.

We have a lot of fun, get a lot of research done, and sometimes play with various lab doggies and babies.

If you are interested in joining FessLab, contact me.

Fessler Lab 2012Fessler Lab 2012

Fessler Lab 2011

DSC_0071Fessler Lab 2013-2014

RAs in Say Yes shirts


FessLab Spring 2014 (the shirts were their idea, not mine)

Fesslab Seniors


Partial FessLab 2014-2015

Some of the 2014-2015 FessLab folks                                                                                                                      FessLab Spring 2016 pizza party